Thursday, January 22, 2004

And no, I'm not going to take it any more. I'm NOT going to take it any more!!!!!

I am thirty years old. I'm intelligient. I'm ambitious. I've done shitloads of cool things. I have a fair amount of experience and THIS IS THE YEAR I GET PAID FOR MY WORK.

I have enjoyed my time at Acme English but I am tired of getting this feeling: "Mel Will Deal With It." And I am tired of not being able to spend more than £20 the two weeks before pay day. I would like to TREAT people, for god's sake!!

Mark my words. I will have a new job. In London. Easier than TEFL. Or at least easier than the TEFL I'm doing now. Double my salary or near double. (It actually isn't that hard kids, my pay is shit.) I'm all ready looking. And look out world here comes miss cherry.

I just wish I had it NOOOOOWWW!!!
Yes. It's true. I DO normally edit this when I'm in a bad mood. But I'm here, I'm at home and I'm just thinking about this.

So, at the moment I'm working very hard. I'm working the shittiest shift - ok, there could be a worse shift, and I'm glad I'm not on it. Basically instead of working straight through and going home, I work a "split shift," which means I work, then I have some time off, then I work again. I have begged and begged to be switched to a "normal" shift. But my boss has kept me on this shift, for various reasons. Anyway, I really can;'t go home in the break so I'm sort of stuck there, and I may be doing work, but I'm not getting paid for it. Not getting paid, but occasionally getting sniped at for "not doing work" during my break.

So there's some new policy that says I can't take my students out without leaving a note. Fair enough. I write out my note, leave a note and a reason, and am told that taking my students out on a Friday is now suddenly "skiving." Now, I have to wait to see if it will be approved. I can't just make up my mind any longer.

I also can't have a dictionary (even though I teach English) unless someone in the "big house" is in. I can't have any pens for the board unless someone in the office is there. This is just another in a series of humiliations that I'm tired of having to endure. Certainly for this little amount of money.

And this is what I can't take any more. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hello! I am actually alive, but I have no time on a computer ever. It's very annoying. I have a litle time today, but only because I'm making time, as they say.

I am feeling a little lonely lately. I wish I had some girl friends to talk to. Or, more girl friends to talk to than I do. That's about all I can say at the moment, I guess.

Friday, August 22, 2003

So, boohoo today's my last day copyediting. I'm sad, a bit I guess, but truth be told I do really love teaching EFL, and I enjoy it more than I do copyediting. Though the truth is copyediting is easier and it pays better.

That said, I'm both excited and nervous about going back to full-time teaching Tuesday. I hope it goes well!

Anyway the newswire gang (all three of us) are going out to the eagle bar and diner for a goodbye lunch. This venue was chosen based on its collection of cocktails. Yes if you have to leave, do it in style!

On my way to work, spending as I shouldn't have (again), I finally succumbed to Elton John's greatest hits for the super bargain price of £8.99, and I've been enjoying it all morning long. Say what you want, little whippersnappers, and I'll give you that around the early to mid-80s Elton John started to suck intensely (Which do you think is the career low point? 'Circle of Life' or 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' or 'Candle in the Wind' remixed?), but you cannot touch his 70s stuff.

The man had a good songwriting partner and has a catalogue of great songs. I don't know how you can say that "Bennie and the Jets" doesn't sound just as fantastic today as it did then. "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" was a hit I think when I was about three years old, and I remember it as one of the first songs I really, really loved. I could never remember the name so I would call it "The WooHoo" song.

"WooHoo..." it's not my favorite anymore, but it still can't be knocked a mon avis.

Object at will, people.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Oh, good lord...

On the horizon of the historic California Governor recall election, Taco Bell Corp. is making matters deliciously predictable. The Company today launched the Taco Poll, asking Californians of all ages to "put their vote where their mouth is" for their favorite gubernatorial candidate, simply by purchasing selected Taco Bell(R) menu items. A crunchy beef taco will count as one vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, a soft chicken taco will count as a vote for not recalling Gov. Gray Davis, and any Grilled Stuft Burrito will show support for any of the other 134 candidates. Taco Poll results will be tallied from more than 1,000 participating California Taco Bell(R) restaurants and released weekly on every Tuesday until the official election.

Much as I love Taco Bell and dearly, dearly miss the Meximelt and the Mexican Pizza, and wish to god they had an outlet in London, I am (needless to say) horrified. I swear to you, this is true. Scroll down this page and you will find the press release.

As if the California recall thing wasn't enough of a circus!

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